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Offering support to men of any age

Based in Norwich, Menscraft is a Community Interest Company founded in 2010 (Co. No. 07384100), that aims to provide ‘activity, identity and meaning’ via a range of different programmes for men and boys as well as keep the conversations going – both those that in the news and those themes that are enduring. We are not seeking exclusivity. Some of our most engaging activities have been on topics such as what it means for a single mother to raise a boy / young man. Our activities have been shaped with the input and data provided by a range of organisations including the local 4Women centre. And we encourage the engagement of women in supporting our activities.


How We Work 

Healthier and happier men make for better brothers, colleagues, partners, fathers, sons. Our vision is to enable men and boys to explore and develop positive masculinity, increase their self-worth and motivation, improve their communication and social skills and create stronger, respectful and supportive relationships. Positive masculinity encourages men and boys to feel good about being male and supports gender equality.


Being Men 

The changing role of men is well documented. Men are defined by what they do. Often many men do not have as positive, as lasting and as meaningful social connections needed when things get tough. Men tend to be affected by the indirect consequences of enforced under- employment and significant life events like relationship changes, fatherhood and transitional periods leading to substantial negative effects that impact on their wellbeing. This often leads to poor physical and mental health and poor recovery from illness. Men are more likely to ‘act out’ e.g. excessive laddish banter, misuse drugs, drink too much, abuse, aggravate. This means that their problems can be overlooked or misdiagnosed. For example low level depression, Many men do minimal physical activity and have a poor diet. Men have more severe chronic conditions, higher death rates for all 15 leading causes of death, and die on average 7 years younger than women, are twice as likely to be referred to mental health services, are 4 times more likely than women to commit suicide, and typically men do not access mainstream health, community information & advice services for support.


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Contribute to the work around masculinity. The issue is already news. Our approach is to build responses that promote positive masculinity and gender equality.


Norfolk’s Suicide Reduction Strategy aims to reach and support men experiencing a sense of hopelessness leading to suicide ideation.  This role will involve casework with primary health (OneNorwichCCG & the Escalation and Avoidance Team). It also requires developing a variety of positive activities that men will engage in and find meaning and purpose and leads to increased resilience and mitigates the risk of suicide.  

The new role includes identifying and implementing strategies to enable these individuals to overcome barriers and ultimately to exit patterns of suicide ideation, and to engage in meaningful activities and social connections. The coordinator carries a caseload of clients and will involve either key working those clients directly or assisting in the coordination of support.  


We are grateful for the support from the following funders:

Shelroy Charitable Trust Fund

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MensCraft is a Community Interest Company founded in 2010 (Co. No. 07384100)